Digium/Asterisk PBX Trying to Setup Feature to PAGE

Apologies if we have the wrong venue/terms for this question.

We’re running a semi-hosted Asterisk/Digium solution at our company (PBX is in house, maintenance/support via third-party vendor). Front end are mostly all Polycom phones (IP 550, 650s). My boss tried to look into feature to be able to do a extension-to-extension page from one phone to another, where if you dial the number it initiates a two-way conversation over the end recipient callers speakerphone, but he wasn’t able to find it as it was requested by top-level management.

That works fine and uses a special number (prefix) before dialing the extension but it does not work perfectly. One issue is that it cannot be pre-programmed as soft key (BLF). So our vendor can’t figure out the programming on the Polycom phones where the soft keys can function as dual personality (BLF indicator when that ext is on the phone, while also initiating a intercom page when pressed). The other issue is that a lot of people here have headsets and so when they are engaged (even when the call is dropped), the next call that comes in goes over that since it was “on hook” last. Default behavior should be to automatically always initiate an intercom page via the phone’s speakerphone.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Are we talking about Switchvox?