Integration of Asterisk and cisco call manager 7.0 help plz

Hi everyone,

I’m a newbie in asterisk, i installed Asterisk on a VM, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0 on another VM…

I also installed the Asterisk- Gui 2.0…after some problems it worked, and i can access the GUI and cisco call manager web interfaces on my web browser…

I have a project in my internship to integrate CUCM 7.0 and asterisk in order to use IVR and Voice mail and no one in this company seems to know anything about asterisk to even help me!!!

I’m in need for your help please in the code i need to write in extensions.conf and sip.conf…
i found many websites that aren’t similar or aren’t that clear for me since i’m totally new at this…
my extensions.conf already have some written code in it but i don’t know what it is!

i wrote this in sip.conf i don’t know if it’s right or if i have to add something else for 2 users i’m running the test with and i’m using cisco ip communicator on my laptop:



my Asterisk ip is
and CUCM 7.0 is

all the websites told me to create a SIP trunk on the CUCM and so i did but i don’t know if it’s missing something and what i should write in the sip.conf and extensions.conf to make it work.

I know there are many professionals here that might find this project very silly but i didn’t have a clue about asterisk before 2 weeks and no one in this company knows about it either.

I would really really appreciate any help you can get me guys. thanks a lot for your time

It is not a silly project at all. In fact I believe many people have done this. Now since you are just starting in Asterisk I think you should look through this book.
It will help clear up alot of your questions about sip.conf, extensions.conf…
Also I google’d it for ya and came up with these pages… … sk&spell=1

I hope it works out for ya!
I have been trying to get an Avaya IP Office to connect to Asterisk for weeks now, SIP trunks work from Asterisk to Avaya but Avaya cant call to Asterisk, Its not Asterisks’ fault the call never even leaves Avaya…

thanks a lot man…i’ve visited every single one of those pages, i guess my problem is very similar to yours…i think my calls aren’t leaving the call manager…I’ll see what i can do about it on monday, i’m taking a break from asterisk this weekend! hehe

Again thanks a lot for your help man…i’ll check if someone knows abt avaya here but i guess they wont be able to help since they don’t know asterisk!

stuck again…nothing seems to work, it’s driving me crazy!