Integrate soft phone in php codeigniter framework

Hi all,
i want to integrate soft phone in my application made in php codeigniter framework. i want a dial pad in my application with the back end connectivity with sip/softphone to make calls from my application itself. can anyone help me with that…

thanks in advance!!

Example for tSIP (separate windows softphone), using protocol handler links (

<script type="text/javascript">
	onload=function(){ attachHandlers(); }
	function attachHandlers(){
	  var the_nums = document.getElementsByName("number");
	  for (var i=0; i < the_nums.length; i++) { the_nums[i].onclick=inputNumbers; }
	function inputNumbers() {
	  var the_field = document.getElementById('numberfield');
	  var the_value = this.value;
		document.getElementById("numberfield").value += the_value;
	  return true;
	function hangup() {
		window.location = "tsip:HANGUP";
	function call() {
		window.location = "tsip:" + document.getElementById("numberfield").value;	

	<div id="keypad" style="width:140px;border:3px solid black">
	    <div align="center">
	     <input type="text" name="calcvalues" id="numberfield" value="" size="16">
		<div align="center" id="row0">
		 <input type="button" name="call"   value="CALL" onclick="call()">
		 <input type="button" name="hangup" value="HANGUP" onclick="hangup()">
	    <div align="center" id="row1">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="1" id="_1" class="btns">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="2" id="_2" class="btns">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="3" id="_3" class="btns">
	    <div align="center" id="row2">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="4" id="_4" class="btns">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="5" id="_5" class="btns">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="6" id="_6" class="btns">
	    <div align="center" id="row3">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="7" id="_7" class="btns">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="8" id="_8" class="btns">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="9" id="_9" class="btns">
	    <div align="center" id="row4">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="*" id="_star" class="btns">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="0" id="_0" class="btns">
	     <input type="button" name="number" value="#" id="_hash" class="btns">