Installing asterisk and asterisk-gui in separate machines

Hi all,

I was wondering if i could install asterisk in one machine and asterisk-gui in another machine and then from the asterisk-gui access the asterisk macine.
Is there any way???
any Ideas!!!


Not really unless you set up NFS.

I am not able to get you explain in detail.

for example i install asterisk in 5 machines in different locations and i want to manage all those asterisk through asterisk-gui installed in one machine

if it is possible when i set up NFS could you explain it to me in detail :question:


It would not work. You need 1 gui per asterisk install (if you want to use the asterisk GUI). There are paid solutions out there that will allow you to control several machines through one gui.

Thanks for your kind and devoted replies and could you let me know who are all those solution providers

Thanks a lot once again


May I ask why you want to control 5 machines through 1 gui?