Installation of Asterisk under fedora core 8

Hi All,

I have installed asterisk 1.4 under fedora core 8, with the zaptel and libpri, everything seems to be ok, i have loaded th module of card TE405P (wct4xxp) and the zaptel also we work with the protocol ISDN ( we use asterisk like an IVR) , i have also lanched asterisk, it work normally, till now everything is ok, but when i put the modem ISDN in the span of the digium card asterisk doesnt accept call, when i call our services i find it occupated and asterisk doesnt show me anything,
we work with asterisk since the version 1.2 under fedora core 1 and it work normally, but with fedora 8 it doesn’t work,

please if anyone have an idea, i will be very gateful,

thanks every body for your collaboration.