Install Req. for Asterisk for a "VoIP to ISDN" Gat


I want to install Asterisk this way:

My FritzCard PCI is connected to the ISDN.
My Network Card is connected to the LAN.
I run a SIP/H323 client in my LAN talking all the time (It records the sea so every caller can listen to the crashing of the waves) to the VoIP interface of the Asterisk PC (Debian Etch 2.6.18).

Every incomming call (via ISDN) should hear what the SIP/H323 client says.

That’s it.

First of all, I’m not sure what drivers to install. I would do it this way:

  • Install closed source driver provided by AVM (suse rpm)
  • Install capi kernel module
  • Configure capi.conf
  • Install asterisk (via apt-get)
  • Configure asterisk.conf + extension.conf/sip.conf

1st, Is the install procedure right?

2nd, Is it possible to stream the audio content into a file. Later, this file should be read by Asterisk to be presented to a calling (via ISDN) user.



  1. Install procedure seems correct to me but you have to download and configure chan_capi for *, you’ll find it here: .
  2. You should be able to record the audio stream with the Monitor() dial plan application.


Marco Bruni