Install AsteriskNow on existing RedHat 9 system

Hello all. My first post.

I like AsteriskNow a lot. I had a spare disk laying around and installed it from the ISO and works great. But, I have a more serious box and would like to do some testing but it has RedHat 9 installed already.

How can I install the AseriskNow on it with out damaging the existing OS? I can not aford to loose it. Thanks in advance.

Install asterisk “vanilla” and then install the asterisk gui. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it:

Hello can someone point me to the current place where to download astersik gui?


Look at step 2 of the URL that I posted:

Go to your installation directory (for example ‘/usr/src’) and download the latest version of asterisk-gui. To do this just execute the command:
svn checkout asterisk-gui
By executing this command the sources of Asterisk GUI will be downloaded (see our sample output log svn.log) into ./asterisk-gui/ directory.