Insert DTMF digits when call answered


I would like to insert *1 to enable recording automatically when a call is answered.

I have done some research and found out i can add something like the below in the dialplan:

exten => s,1,Answer
exten => s,2,Wait(1)
exten => s,3,SendDTMF(*1)

I am a bit confused though in which dialplan i should put this…i have a complicated call flow of the call going to a dummy extension, then to a queue, then to an actual agent.

Kind REgards


This will send tones to the caller. If you are trying to control recording in Asterisk, you need to use the recording related applications, directly.

Thank you for the reply David.

Is there anyway then i can have the recording set to ‘always’ yet give the user a way to stop recording when senstive/confidential information is being given?

Your help is appreciated