Inconsitent DTMF to external IVR

I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have been learning Asterisk as a retirement hobby (strictly at home) and recently decided to go live connecting to the PTSN with a TDM410 card. I find that when I dial into some external IVRs (a local phone company) the dtmf information is not received by that IVR. In other cases the IVR (a bank) does receive the dtmf.

Any pointers as to where I should be looking would be appreciated.

I am running Asterisk 11.6cert11 with the aforementioned TDM410 using dahdi 2.10.2

If you are having trouble with DTMF detection, you can relax the DTMF
detection parameters. Relaxing them may make the DTMF detector more likely
to have “talkoff” where DTMF is detected when it shouldn’t be.


on /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf

Thanks but I had set relaxdtmf=yes to no effect. It happens with this particular site to access the phone company Voicemail service that I maintain for our church. I can dial in successfully but their end doesn’t get the voicemail box number.

Would setting the D(called) option in Dial() be relevant?

Would setting the D(called) option in Dial() be relevant?[/quote]

I think it wont be relevant with the DTMF issue, you should rather try setting related to the DTMF

Are there other settings related to dtmf?

I have seen references to adjusting the duration of Asterisk’s tones but haven’t gotten a clear picture as to how to do that.

Haven’t seen anything else yet.

dtmfmode for VoIP technologies. Also I think there are ones to control amplitude and duration at the point where DTMF is converted back into inband.

I’ve seen setting the dtfmode but assumed for strictly Voip whereas my end is strictly analog. I currently have not loaded sip.conf as nothing is setup.

Sorry I meant I haven’t loaded as I have nothing configured in sip.conf

I should have posted the resolution of this issue months ago. The problem with the inconsistent DTMF was the result of too high a software gain and too low a hardware gain on the TDM410