Incomming calls Hang up Q.850 cause reason 16

Hi, I have a challenger issue with hanging up calls eventually, the calls received hang up after 3 till 5 minutes normally with Q.850 cause 16.

Bellow has the flow chart of the .cap file in Whireshark.

Can anyone help me to interpret it?

As it is an incoming call, the caller hung up.

If it hadn’t been an incomng call, I’d want to know how the signalling got from the second to the third column, and the complete contents of the SIP, for the session, taken from Asterisk’s log files, together with the Asterisk verbose level five logging , all as plain text, inline in the posting.

For some reason, in the last few weeks, people have taken to posting images of wireshark message flow sequences, which are genrally of very limited use, except possibly in eliminating Asterisk.

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