Incoming-ouotgoing SIP calls

first time trying to config asterisk, need advice. I read a few manuals, but still unclear about some things.

Here is my setup: Spa3102 directly connected to pure asterisk. I have two in-out-providers, two out-providers and one in-provider.

I want to be able to make/receive calls on a phone attached to the SPA box. I also want to call in, get dial tone and call out on VOIP channels (I read it’s done via DISA).

My question is for my in-out proivders. Should I create two separate channels on each provider and use 2 contexts - one for incoming and one for outgoing?

Or, I should put all incoming in one [incoming] context? and have separate outgoing for each provider?

What would be the best practice?
thanks …

For security purpose make sure that the dial out context is NEVER in the default context. Personally I take all incoming calls from the default context and send them to the context that deals with that call. Meaning if I have two separate “companies” on two different DID’s I would send them from the default context to the one that handles the call for that number. If it all goes to the same options (e.g. the same IVR or same telephone) then I send them to a single context that handles the call as such.

At the end of the day I think it comes down to preference and how you like your dial plan to look.