Incoming Calls Query

Just a little confused my this today.

[quote]The “s” extension is used when there is no known called number in the context used.

Incoming calls are always placed in a context in the dialplan, either one you specify in the channel configuration file, or the default context. If no other match exist for the call within the context, the s extension is activated. [/quote]

ok so in my zap config i have a context called “from pstn” including my channels etc. for example channel 23 and 24

so in my dialplan how would I route these incoming calls to a particular extension

how do i tell it to route calls on channel 24 to extension 100 for example?


exten => XXXXXXX200,1,(SIP/200,20)
exten => XXXXXXX200,2,voicemail(u200)

= any incoming number ending in 200 gets routed to sip/200.

is that correct?

[quote=“spoonz”]exten => XXXXXXX200,1,(SIP/200,20)
exten => XXXXXXX200,2,voicemail(u200)[/quote]
That will need to be

exten => _XXXXXXX200,1,(SIP/200,20)

for asterisk to do pattern matching on it. Otherwise it’s just an extension named “XXXXXXX200”.