Incoming calls; no signal? Nothing in tcpdump and sip debug


I am using a sip provider to handle my Asterisk calls. I connect to the sip provider in sip.conf. I also have a phone number with this company. When I try to make a call to an external number everything works fine. Also internal calling works fine. However when I call with my normal phone to the Asterisk server, nothing works. It doesn’t answer the call so after a short time I get an error on the screen of my phone. If I enable the debugging mode in Asterisk, I see nothing. If I do a tcpdump I see nothing.

Anyone an idea what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance!


as mentioned in my pm to you, these can get tuff. If you aren’t seeing anything in tpcdump, nor anything when you turn on sip debug, it sounds like it is likely your provider isn’t reaching you. Have you talked to them - what do they claim?

You’ve got my email in your pm if you want to contact me directly.