Incoming call does not work to x-lite behind Asterisk

Dear Sirs

I have asterisk registered in 5020 a softswitch from Alcatel.

register =>

For outgoing call all work fine

For incoming call does not work
Asterisk always answer to the incoming Invite from 5020 with a message asking for proxy authentication required. “407 Proxy authentication required”

I have this in [General]
port = 5070
I thing with “insecure=very” asterisk should dismiss the authentication.

When I have X-lite registered in 5020 directly without Asterisk
X-lite answer to an incoming “Invite” with “trying” instead asking the authentication.

This not happen for incoming call to Asterisk , and the calls alway fail.

Please can you give some help to solve the problem?

with kinds regards
João Pereira Rosa

Insecure=very should be deprecated so try use one of this:
insecure=port ; Allow matching of peer by IP address without matching port number
insecure=invite ; Do not require authentication of incoming INVITEs
insecure=port,invite ; (both)

as in the sip.conf sample file create by “make samples” when building Asterisk.


Marco Bruni

Thank you for answer

I change the sip.conf to

port = 5070

and the problem remain, if anyone has another suggestion I appreciate a lot

Don’t put this lines in the [general] section but in his own section, to define correctly a friend/peer, so try put this lines in a section named [alcatel] fox example and define the context for the incoming calls with the keyword “context”.


Marco Bruni