Incoming call audio missing and E.164 standard

I am a complete noob when it comes to *.

  1. With that aside, I have everthing configured. Outgoing calls work great (audio works both ways). Incoming calls is a different story.

The incoming call connects (I usually call with my cell). I hear the Digital Receptionist. The digital receptionist does not respond to keypresses (although it does when I use X-Lite inside my network), and there is no voice coming through.

I find no errors in the log and it appears that it is referencing my outside IP like it should and they are communicating through SIP.

  1. My service provider requires a + sign be appended to every phone number that it receives. It has to be the whole shebang (ie. +18151111111) for it to work. Right now to dial out with x-lite I have to dial the actual plus in. Where can I set this up to automatically append the +.

Has anyone had these problems?

Thanks in advance.