Asterisk 1.8 not supporting E164 +

Seems that asterisk does not support the presence of + (plus) in a SIP invite - which is standard method for international calls (E164+)

although dialplan seems to accept following line:
exten => _+X.,n,Goto(OUTBOUND,s,1)

because when typing “dialplan show” then there is no error and _+X. is presented fine,

but when dialing the number from a SIP phone that supports E164+ it sends for example following INVITE message:

then I get back a 404 not found, and asterik console shows:
chan_sip.c …to extension ‘+123456789’ rejected because extension not found in context 'default"

is this a bug or does anyone know a way how to resolve this ?

P.S. calls made are intended for SIPphone to SIPtrunk - so for making pure SIP calls

Not sure of what I will say… but how about?

exten => +_X.,n,Goto(OUTBOUND,s,1)

1.8 supports E164+, I just tested. The OP must have a stupid typo somewhere.
Note the error message is incorrect:

it should be

tx thor,

I found the problem : there was a previous extension (for creating some common variables) in my dialplan which was not extended with the +

this previous extension was still the following:
exten => _X.,1

by adding a _+X,1 there it works fine now. :smiley: