Inbound forward ports

I looked through the forum posts do not see the answer to my exact question. Sorry if I am not understanding some of the posts that may really have the answer. Newbie here.

I have a linksys wifi SIP phone that I can get to work great on my wireless network but I would like to take it out to public wifi locations and even my work to get into the asterisk system. I am running a trixbox VM at home on comcast.

I forward 5060 to the asterisk system and can get call control to work fine but never have any audio going either way. I am guessing there is something else I need to forward as well.

Thanks Everyone.

I’m sorry that I don’t have the list of all the ports you will need to forward to allow this kind of remote access. If no one else replies by this evening when I get to my system I’ll post again.

The real trouble you will have beside latency is that there are many providers, hotels, IT people at your office who have figured this out and will be already blocking the ports you need to connect to your asterisk server. Many of them do it in the name of security, others say it’s not intentional they just block everything except the very essential ports. But I’m convinced, at least at many of the hotels I’ve stayed in that they block VOIP traffic in order to force you to use their telephone system at their rates per minute.

Look in rtp.conf, you have to forward all the ports in the range from rtpstart to rtpend.


Marco Bruni