Inbound calls time out


I wanted to ask a question about an issue I’ve had since I started using Asterisk. So when I try to call a number that is registered to Asterisk through a VOIP provider, it works fine, but only if the Asterisk system has recently been used. For example, if I use Asterisk to place an outbound call then for about 5-10 minutes, all inbound calls will work on every number. Same if I restart Asterisk, they work for a bit after every restart. My issue is after a period of time where Asterisk has not been used, inbound calls seem to disappear, they do not show on my CLI as someone attempting to call, and they do not provide a ring tone to the person calling, or even a busy tone or anything, it just stays stuck on calling. This issue isn’t that big an issue for me because in most scenarios people will only be calling back to our numbers after we have already used the numbers to place outbound calls, so it would be active during that period, however this is still something that I would like to solve in case this causes issues.

Does anyone know if this is an issue with Asterisk, my implementation, or my voip provider? If it is possibly an issue with my implementation I can provide my configuration for help.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Likely to be a router timing out a NAT or dynamic firewall rule.

Port forward traffic from you provider ip to port 5060 to ip of your local server port 5060.
Make sur you specify ip of your provider or else you are open for hacking.

If possible have a look at the state of the connections inside your router. You may or may not be able to reduce the qualify frequency to whether there is an influence.

Hi, my asterisk server is on an Amazon EC2 instance, in this case would I have to do port forwarding through AWS?

You will need to check with the Amazon forum I guess

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