Inbound calls as Anonymous

Hello People,

I have a2billing as calling card platform. I have configured an 0800 free number.
I seeing in CDRs a lot of calls with caller id “anonymous”. For billing reasons I need to see the origination number.
I’ve asked to my 0800 provider if he can send me the origination number without restriction but he told me that in these cases, he can’t manipulate it, but he informed me that he send me the real origination number in remote-party-id sip header.

Is there any way to manipulate or replace the inbound caller-id by the remote-party-id in my a2billing?

This is my config in extension.conf:

exten => 08003457878,1,Answer
exten => 08003457878,n,Wait(1)
exten => 08003457878,n,Agi(a2billing.php,2)
exten => 08003457878,n,Hangup

I’m using a2billing 1.9.4 and Asterisk

Thanks in advance! :smile:

Trust it, in sip.conf.