Inbound Call From PRI


We are taking incoming calls from PRI modem.
We have Cisco 800 series gateway.
When a call comes to PRI, we forward call to Cisco gateway. Then Cisco gateway forwards the call to Asterisk IP.

How can Asterish handle this?
Do we have to install any driver, application like Zaptel, LibPri, etc…?


You would normally need to install dahdi_dummy (zaptel is obsolete), but not any of the real dahdi drivers.

dahdi_dummy is only needed on pure IP systems.

Hi David,

Is there a installation link. Do I have to reinstall Asterisk?


That depends on how it is currently configured.

dahdi_dummy provides timing services to the rest of Asterisk, when there is no real dahdi supported hardware. You can use the zaptel equivalent with older versions of Asterisk, but you should not be starting with an old version.

Without it, or real dahdi supported hardware, you cannot use meetme conferences and you may find there are situations where IP telephony sound breaks up.

As you describe it, your actual PRI interfacing is dones elsewhere, so the Asterisk installation can be an IP telphony only one.