Inband dtmf problems

my upstream sip provider runs tekelec and informed me tekelec doesnt play nicely with rfc2833 dtmfmode implemented by asterisk. So I am running inband. It still didnt work, so i tested just from phone to phone in office here. like:
[phone A]----[asterisk]-----[phone B]

If phone A calls phone B, phone B (and asterisk cannot hear any dtmf
tones by phone A); however phone A can hear(along with asterisk) all the
dtmf tones that phone B generates. If I switch roles so that phone B calls phone A the opposite happens; for some reason the caller can never send dtmf to the called person.

Any ideas on this?

remember that if you use out of band dtmf like rfc2833 or info for the IP phones, the other phone may not reconstruct the tone so it is not ‘bad’ that you don’t hear it.

personally i would set all the internal phones to use info or rfc2833 and configure only the outbound trunk to use inband. but i’d try it with rfc just to see if it works, i’ve used * and RFC in a few places where it ‘wont work’ and when it does work it usually works better than inband.