In ARI how to detect Machine like AMD in dialplan?

I am trying to use node_ari client I am not sure how to detect machine , I have done this earlier in dialplan but unable to find it in ARI. Does asterisk ARI support this and node client is missing it or ARI will not support AMD ?

Please, can you give me a direction on how to achieve this, Thanks

ARI has no built in method to do AMD. The TALK_DETECT dialplan function can be used to raise talking events which the ARI application can use with its own AMD logic, or the channel can be sent into the dialplan and then back into the ARI application.


Thanks for the info Jcolp, Can you please give me some examples(code snippets) or resource where the to ARI and Dialplan , back and forth.

Thanks in Advance for your help

The route is continue[1]. I don’t have examples.


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