IMS domain via Proxy IP using PJSIP

Hello, team;

I am having issue on this trunk registration.

I have this Information my the provider:

  1. Number: +261667734667

  2. Username:

  3. Password: Algorithmxxxxx

  4. Sip server:

  5. Proxy server IP:

In SIP.CONF the trunk is Registered and its fine, But in PJSIP, I cant register, Please how to configure IMS domain via Proxy IP in PJSIP!, Please give a sample to construct it. Thanks

We need the working sip.conf (not SIP.CONF) configuration to understand what they mean by the above.

This is sample information, if you can answer its ok, otherwise leave it.

It’s not a valid SIP URI user part, so the first problem is to establish what they actually want sent. SIP URI user parts cannot contain @.

Generally the problem isn’t that of coding pjsip.conf (you can do that from the documentation) it is understanding what the provider requires.

It’s valid sir. This is IMS domain via Proxy server.

It may be something the other end understands, that doesn’t automatically make it a valid SIP URI.

When I google “IMS domain via Proxy server” i get exactly 0 results, what exactly does this phrase mean?

You could try URI encoding the username, that would result in the following username:

Here both the initial + and the @ are encoded, you could also try just encoding the @ like so:

Also as the SIP server is the same as what you the IMS domain, you might not need it at all.

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