ILBC - - Automating

For all of you out there that want to automate the installation of iLBC since the change of not having it as part of Asterisk.

You will need to edit 2 files in the source code.


First file we need to edit is contrib/scripts/

We need to remove line 21 which contains:

read tmp

You can either comment this line out or delete it all together. Save and exit the file.

And now to edit codecs/codec_ilbc.c

On Line 28 you will see:

Change the no to a yes then Save and Exit

Now you can run:

running the below will now require no user interaction.


no need to run make menuselect now as we have told it to auto enable the iLBC codec.

make install

And that is all there is too it.

And to test that you have it installed OK you can just do a core show translation on the Asterisk CLI once you have compiled and installed it.

CLI> core show translation

And you will see a line for ilbc that looks something like:

 ilbc    -   3    3    3        3     3    2     4    -     -    -    4    -