If the asterisk can suport Dialogic voice card?

Hello everyone, who can tell me if the asterisk system can suport Dialogic voice card?

This is what I found:


Dialogic Hardware

D/41JCT-LS 4-port analog + voice
VFX/41JCT-LS 4-port analog + voice + fax
D/120JCT-LS 12-port analog + voice

D/240JCT-1T1 T1 + 24 voice
D/300JCT-1E1 E1 + 30 voice
D/480JCT-2T1 (2) T1 + 48 voice
D/600JCT-2E1(2) E1 + 60 voice

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … k+Hardware

* Dialogic D/41JCT-LS Note: The D/41JCT-LS is a full duplex card and is the first of the D/41 family that will work with Asterisk. 

Older D/41 cards like D/41(E)PCI are half duplex cards designed for IVR type applications so they won’t work for VoIP applications
where you’d want to be able to to process both an incoming and outgoing stream simultaneouly.
o Note: Licenses for the D/41JCT-LS Asterisk drivers need to be purchased from Digium.

I have a DM/IPLINK-E1 but I think it doesn’t work.