Asterisk and Dialogic

I need to install one board dialogic for to use with asterisk.
I don’t obtain to configure.
Help me please!

Copy and paste from the wiki.

The D/41JCT-LS is a full duplex card and is the first of the D/41 family that will work with Asterisk. Older D/41 cards like D/41(E)PCI are half duplex cards designed for IVR type applications so they won’t work for VoIP applications where you’d want to be able to to process both an incoming and outgoing stream simultaneouly.
Note: Licenses for the D/41JCT-LS Asterisk drivers need to be purchased from Digium.


First the bad news. Currently, Intel Dialogic is not too happy to give out their software in a way that it can be used with open source software such as Asterisk.

The only Dialogic boards that work with Asterisk are the new (JSP) ones.
The only version of Asterisk that works with Dialogic boards is the Business Edition ($1000).

Now the good news: there are people on the Asterisk side which would like to see Dialogic boards running with the open source version. There are people at Intel who would like that too. It is up to us as customers to make Intel Dialogic know in a loud and clear way, that it is to their interest (if they appreciate our business and don’t want everybody to migrate to Digium boards) to release the needed software/license.


I meant the “JCT” family instead of “JSP” which is “Java Server Page” :smile:

This is the list of Dialogic boards. Is is available at:

Again, those boards can only be used with the Business Edition of Asterisk. Hopefully that will change. I am at the Asterisk conference and talked about the Dialogic issue to ayone who would listen, all the way to Mark Spencer. He said to me: “As soon as Intel decides to go ahead, we will support the Dialogic boards in the OSS version”.


Dialogic Hardware

D/41JCT-LS 4-port analog + voice
VFX/41JCT-LS 4-port analog + voice + fax
D/120JCT-LS 12-port analog + voice

D/240JCT-1T1 T1 + 24 voice
D/300JCT-1E1 E1 + 30 voice
D/480JCT-2T1 (2) T1 + 48 voice
D/600JCT-2E1(2) E1 + 60 voice