IF callerid = foo then go to VM


This should be a fairly simple statement?

What happens with this is when i dial this number the call drops (and I believe all others do too).

Essential what im trying to do is go:

IF did=123456789 THEN Go to VoiceMail


[code];;Uncomment and set DID to make it go to VM
exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,1,GotoIf($["${CALLERID(dnid)}" = “123456789”]?:2)
exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,2,GOTO(queue-out,0,2)

exten => 0,1,AGI(log-call.agi|voicemail)
exten => 0,n,Voicemail(u129@whatever)


Your help is most appreciated!

exten => _whatever,1,Noop(“callerid num is: ${CALLERID(num)}”)
exten => _whatever,n,GotoIf($["${CALLERID(num)}" = “123456789”]?vm)
exten => _whatever,n(vm),AGI(log-call.agi|voicemail)
exten => _whatever,n(vm),Voicemail(u127@whatever)