IAXtel falure to engage

I followed (or at least believe that I did) the instructions on IAXtel.com for connection our Asterisk server with IAXtel but… nada. I’m enough of a newbie that this could be something remarkably obvious and stupid but being that I’m new to configuring extensions I’m at a loss as to what I’ve done wrong. I’ll submit my extension.config and IAX.config file (with my username and password spoofed) if you think it will help. I was wondering whether it mattered where in the extensions config file I added the [iaxtel] context.

Note: we intend to, and have ordered, our own telephony interface card but we thought it would be a quick win (and an opportunity to get a little smarter about Asterisk) to connect to IAXtel so this isn’t mission critical but more a learning experiment.

Any help you might offer will be appreciated.

gotta be easier than guessing what you have :unamused: