IAX2 With High Latency

I have two Asterisk servers ( they use rsa authentication to connect to each other and they connect fine.

If a client over a LAN connection calls someone from server A to Server B the connection (IAX2) is made and quality is excellent. Like wise server B to A over LAN.

We have clients using satellite connections, if they are a client on server A and call someone on server A the connection is a little lagged but the quality is really good. Likewise server B to server B over satellite.

If a client on server A is on satellite and calls a client with a LAN connection on Server B, the audio from A is horrid on the B side, but the audio received from B, on the satellite side is excellent.

So the satellite client, hears the other client on another server very well, but the client on the LAN side of another server hears garbled noise.

Any help here is greatly appreciated.