IAX connection ceases

At my place of employment, we operate with 2 asterisk servers in two different locations, harrisburg, PA and Philadelphia, PA. They are connected via IAX, over a T1. Every now and then, the harrisburg box will stop receiving the IAX packets, ‘iax2 debug’ just shows POKE, no pong or ack, however the philly box shows POKE,PONG and ACK. Has anyone ever had this problem before?

We worked with a vendor and they couldn’t figure it out either.

The only remedy is to change the ports IAX uses on both boxes.

We have seen the same behaviour. A talks to B and although A goes through the usual POKE/PONG/ACK seq in talking to B, A is unresponsive to B which emits a POKE/POKE/POKE sequence. Checked the setup, restarted Asterisk - all to no effect. Restarted the entire server, problem went away !?!?

At the time there were numerous other remote PBXs communicating with A - unsure as to why B was a problem. - J

Are you using ‘qualify=yes’? I’ve had to turn that off on my asterisk server, as I would frequently get hosts being declared unreachable, resulting in loss of connectivity - restarting asterisk, of course, would restore it (for awhile.)