IAX and Asterisk


Even thought I am suspecting the answer I would like to know if supervised IAX communication is possible with Asterisk?

For example, I have two IAX phones that are registered to Asterisk. If one phone calls the other one I want that Asterisk handles the signalisation. However, the media path should be established from one phone directly to the other without passing from Asterisk. Is this possible?

In the case that it would be possible, would Asterisk be aware of the hangup of one phone?

Similar fonctionnality with the REINVITE in the SIP protocol.

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look at the “notransfer=” option.

if the phones are iax, then it will happen if it can. Asterisk will attempt to set up the direct (reinvited) media path, all sides will check to make sure it works, and only then will that path be activated and * is out of the media loop.
This is default behavior and because it checks before activating there is usually no reason to turn it off. You can force * to stay in the media path with notransfer=yes.

Thank you for your answers.

Based on your suggestion I am going to try this fonctionnality using 2 IAX softphones.

I tested this fonctionnality using two IAX phones.
Using ethereal I captured the network traffic.
I noticed that the media path was connected direclty between the two
IAX phones. Asterisk was indeed out of the media path.

However, I have the following problem. When a phone hangs up the HANGUP message is directly sent to the remote phone without passing from Asterisk. Hence, Asterisk is unable to know whether the communication was released or not.

Thus, this could eventually cause problems for instance for billings or when we want to supervise the status of communications. Because we know when the communication started but not when the last ended.

Do you know how can I override this problem?
Is it possible to send only the media to the remote phone and the signalisation to Asterisk?

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