Connecting two voip phone without transfering

Hello, I’d like to use asterisk in order to connect two voip phones.

The problem is that once asterisk connects them it transfers the calls and hangup their channels. from that moment i have not control of the channels, meaning i cannot hang them up, record them, limit their time, nothing.

Any ideas?

My extension.config is rather simple:

exten =>700,1,Dial (IAX2/xxx@yyy);
exten =>700, n,Goto(s,6);

so what happens is: when i call extension 700 the call is connected to xxx@yyy and from there on asterisk is not in the picture anymore.

my log is :

Channel ready to transfer
Channel ready to transfer
Releasing xxx and yyy
Hangup xxx
Spawn extension (…) exited non-zero on xxx
Hangup yyy

Post your sip and extensions.conf


Easiest way to keep Asterisk in the loop is reinvite=no in sip.conf.

Indeed SIP reinvite=no works fine.

The iax alternative is notransfer=yes.