I need your opinions for Intel Core2 Duo Processor

I have a PC with Core2 Duo processor and Intel Desktop Board DG965WH,
I have asterisk 1.2.13.

Mi question is how Asterisk works in this PC.

Are stable?
Run Fast?
Low latency?


How much RAM ?
Latency is more of a network issue.
Will you be doing any transcoding ? Confrencing. The real way to know is to test, test, test and then test some more.

The ram is a 1 GB DDR2 533 MHz.

Mi network is a typical 10/100 Mbps

Works whit switches

I have actually installed a Asterisk server, in a Machine with a Celeron of 2.5 GHz with 256 of Cahe L2 and have a 1 Gb of RAM DDR.
In this server are 10 active users, 1 of their have a phone connected in a FXS port of TDM400P card.

Sometimes the communication are unstable, when I are digit the TOP command the processor sometimes are used 90 to 100 percent whit Asterisk process, and the memory is normal.

I think that the system need more processing power.

Mi question is: Asterisk and TDM400P card are compatibles with This machine (Core2 Duo processor and Intel Desktop Board DG965WH)


Asterisk runs like a dream on an dual core system.

how many conquering calls? and are you transcoding?

[quote]conquering calls[/quote] Wow, I know the subject can be a bit of a Minefield. But battleing calls now that must be scary. Or do you mean concurrent calls ? :wink:

Yes Asterisk runs fine on dual core machines.

I think the problem is in you setup, it sounds as if something is running away, It may be a loop of somekind.


Tanks for your ideas and opinions