I Need an asterisk programmer, consultant

Looking for someone to help me put this together…

I would like to charge folks to talk to me…

  1. they would pay and get an access code
  2. they would then dial a 1-800 number and enter that access code
  3. once they have entered a valid access code…their call would immediately be forwarded to me on my cel phone or wherever i am
  4. we would talk for 10 minutes or so and then would be automatically disconnected
  5. once they used up their 10 minutes, that access code would no longer work to connect to me and they would have to buy another access code to talk again

Asterisk may not be able to handle all the functions but how can I use Asterisk to accomplish this? What do I need to make this work, hardware, voip…I am not too hip to telecommunications language so please let me know what I would need to make this happen (in laymens terms) and how little(i hope) it would cost. Looking for a small solution as I do not expect many calls starting out. What is the cheapest way that I can do this with Asterisk?

Thank You very, very much

Yes, Asterisk may do this. The best way to do this is in conjunction with a prepaid calling card application such as one of these that integrates with Asterisk:

voip-info.org/wiki-Open+Sour … ng+Systems

Where are you located?

There are Asterisk consultants everywhere…

I am in Las Vegas…if I could find somebody here that would be great.