I can't install my libri current version in redhat

Hello All,

I can’t install my libri latest version on my redhat server.it’s showing the below message after the make install command…

[root libpri-1.4.14]# make
[root libpri-1.4.14]# make install
mkdir -p /usr/lib
mkdir -p /usr/include
install -m 644 libpri.h /usr/include
install -m 755 libpri.so.1.4 /usr/lib
#if [ -x /usr/sbin/sestatus ] && ( /usr/sbin/sestatus | grep “SELinux status:” | grep -q “enabled”); then /sbin/restorecon -v /usr/lib/libpri.so.1.4; fi
( cd /usr/lib ; ln -sf libpri.so.1.4 libpri.so)
install -m 644 libpri.a /usr/lib
if test $(id -u) = 0; then /sbin/ldconfig -n /usr/lib; fi

There are no errors in that message.

Thank you David for your help…i have successfully installed the asterisk in my server :smiley: