Hunt Group not working when dialing on the PSTN

Hello, I’m having some trouble with a hunt group I’m trying to set up. I’m not sure if the problem is my lack of understanding about Asterisk or about the PSTN. I have two FXO cards in my asterisk box. I would like asterisk to be able to dial a series of PSTN numbers in sequence, timing out after 15 seconds. Problem is, the hunt group will not continue past the first PSTN number it tries to call. Its like it registers the call as a pickup as soon as it starts to ring. It will call the first number fine, but will not time out. The hunt group works when dialing softphones, just not with any numbers on the PSTN. Below are the commands that I’m using:

*Will not time out using this:

*This seems to work

Any insight you could provide would be appreciated.


What is the purpose of the WW at the end ? If it is to allow recording it should be 15,Ww if it is to put in a pause it should be in the beginning of the dial string. Also I have seen that as soon as a call goes to ZAP it assumes that the call was picked up. First try removing the WW at the end and see what happens.

Well, the ww at the end was to provide a one second pause before dialing. Initially it wouldn’t even dial without that pause. But I just tried removing it and it still seems to dial ok. But I’m still having the problem with the zap channel assuming that the call was picked up. Is there any way to fix that?

Thanks Dovid!

The ww for the wait should be in the beginning. You really can’t do much about asterisk thinking that the call was answered. I have spoken to Digium about in the past. Basically if you want the functionality try recoding the Zaptel drivers or maybe asterisk or pay a coder to do it. From what I understand it is possible.