Hunt group call multiple extension


I need help on my Asterisk Server. I have configured a number to call multiple extension.

exten => _123456789,n,Dial(SIP/92044@opensertrunk&SIP/92058@opensertrunk&SIP/92001@opensertrunk,tT)

If all of the extension is online it will work fine, but if one of them is offline it will automatically hangup the call even if other extension is online. I need this to work even if one is offline.
The extension number is save on OpenSER database.

Thank You,

This is a single extension that calls multiple numbers on one device… It isn’t a hunt group.

This needs to be fixed by opensertrunk as, almost certainly, you will find they are answering failed calls and there is no way Asterisk can distinguish this from a successful call

Hi David thanks for your response. I’m newbie on asterisk and need to know more about it. So it is called single extension. Do you have idea on how to fix this on openser trunk or what do I need to program on openser so that it will still answer calls even if one is offline?


You want to program it to NOT do that!

As this Kamaillo, which is just a proxy, I think you need to provide protocol logging for both sides of it, to see what is really happening.

Actually, thinking about it, you might get this effect if it responds Decline, as that is saying that you reached the destination, but the destination doesn’t want to take the call.

You really need the protocol logs to be sure what is happening.

Hi David,

Thank You, I will look on my Kamailio server now and see what is the responds when my Asterisk try to call on this single extension.