HOW:When one fails "authenticate", it should play

Anyway of making it that when someone fails “authenticate”, instead of hanging up, it sends them to a different extension or plays a different message?


That do you mean by “authenticate”?

By using command “Authenticate”, to request a PIN code before allowing a user access to an IVR.

Thanks … thenticate

option ‘j’ - jump to priority n+101 if the authentication fails and that priority exists

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How do I establish what is N+101?

exten => ???


I tried:
exten => 189,1,Answer
exten => 189,2,Wait(1)
exten => 189,3,Authenticate(12345678|j)
exten => 189,4,ControlPlayback(songmenu/test,10000,#,*,0,2)))
exten => s,n+101,Goto(ivr-25,s,1)

But when ever login fails it still hangs up

exten => 189,104,Goto…

It might also be worth mentioning GotoIf() as an option for this this and instead of using n+101 you could use a completely different context.

This is useful, because if you use Goto(j) and you add a line before the jump line, you end up having to change the code later on. With Gotoif() just jumping to a context, you can change whatever code wherever.

Just my two cents.