How to work with regexten


i’m wondering how to work with regexten. im trying to make new dialplan for devices wich is registering now. but i didnt see any dialpaln execution in CLI. any suggestion ?

my config files

regcontext = system

regexten = telefon

exten => telefon,1,Noop(telefon sie zarejestrowal)
same => n,Set(ODBC_REJESTRACJA()=1)

Provide the log of a failing incoming call in sufficient detail that one can see that the call is arriving and the point at which it fails.

Also, this is a discussion forum, not one for solving problems.

Having checked what regexten does, it’s use is incompatible with the existence of an extension which has a manually configured priority 1.

I don’t know when you expect dialplan to be executed, but the only time that it should be executed in relation to regexten is when there is an incoming call, normally from a different device, that references that extension. As you have a manual priority 1, that dialplan will be executed in spite of your regexten setting, so it suggest you are not getting any calls that go to that extension.

The purpose of regexten is so that calls fail “not found”, or at least match some wild card in the dialplan, or some higher level definition of the extension, if the device is not registered.