How to watch position of caller in queue

Asterisk has any AMI event which will told me if caller move in queue from one to another position ?

Use QueueStatus

In my opinion this function show me information on-demand, when i need it in real time or just check it in moment when call will be taked by local channel member.

If you need it on certain events, you will need to find out which AMI event match the info you need, related to real time part, you will need to write your own script and running on background as I said before to monitor your queue, it wont be real time but the delay can be as minimun 1 minute

i need it in case when call is taked from queue by local channel member (member => local/s@autoagent), Now i have wroted PHP+AMI script but i dont know what event are interesting for me

I believe AgentConnect is what you want.

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