How to use webrtc with Sip Realtime Database

hello please help me I want to use webrtc with sip real time

I am using the following tables :
Asterisk avec ODBC vers Mysql et gestion des utilisateurs - Télécoms et Réseaux


sipusers => odbc,asterisk,sipusers
sippeers => odbc,asterisk,sipusers
sipregs => odbc,asterisk,sipregs
voicemail => odbc,asterisk,voicemail
queues => odbc,asterisk,queue_table
queue_members => odbc,asterisk,queue_member_table

You can find some older documentation for setting up WebRTC using chan_sip, like this one:

Or this tutorial for setting up WebRTC using SIPML5 which contains chan_sip configurations:

I have not tested, but would think you can use the setvar column in sipusers table to set the WEbRTC specific parameters. You can use semicolon in the setvar column to separate the parameters, such as: avpf=yes;force_avp=yes;icesupport=yes

These webrtc parameters are built into to the pjsip tables, by the way, but if you need to stick with chan_sip then hopefully that info points you in a good direction.

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