How to use cisco 7942 ip phone with asterisk


I need help to connect Cisco 7942g IP phone with asterisk.

I have installed Asterisk in Ubuntu OS, also I upgraded firmware of Cisco from SCCP to SIP ver 8.5.2.

I am unable to connect/register using sip.

The phone is showing Unprovisioned.

I am able to ping the phone.

Also is there a way to change configuration of phone without upgrade it eachtime, like using ssh or web access?

Any help??

Thanks & Regarde,


There should be a bunch of reference dox indexed by Google.

However, way back in the day…

I connected to my 7960 via telnet. The default password may be ‘cisco’ but I don’t remember for sure.

I configured my set using TFTP. The configuration file name looks like SIP<mac-address-without-colons>.cnf.

Thank you, I’ll check that.

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