How to upgrade asterisk1.4 beta from asterosk 1.2.x

Hi all,
I need to upgrade the new version of asterisk(asterisk-1.4.0-beta) from previous version. (asterisk-1.2.x).
My asterisk server is runing on the suse linux kernel.

please tell me anyone, How to upgrade asterisk1.4 beta from asterosk 1.2.x


in the Asterisk source directory is a file UPGRADE.txt. start there for help with what has changed, and how your dialplan needs modifying.

aside from that, it’s just ./configure, make menuselect and make install.

Thank you for ur reply…Is there any possibilities to install the asterisl-1.4 without uninstall the asterisk-1.2.x
…if i install the asterisk 1-4 without removing the older version… what will be happen…


if you don’t specify any configure options then it will overwrite the 1.2 install.

run ‘./configure --help’ in the Asterisk 1.4 source directory to see the options available. you can then specify where the build is installed to.