How to upgrade Asterish from version to ver1.2.0.4


Now i want to upgrade Asterisk from version to version
When i input Card Flash to Asterisk,it notified “did not find any Compact Flash mounted”

I am able to access to Asterisk by web/GUI as well as SSH access

Beside upgrading Asterisk by Card flash ,is there any other way to upgrade
Asterisk ?

Could you please help me to resolve this issue?

Thanks and regards
Cuong Ha

Are these really Asterisk version numbers? If they are, they are both obsolete and unsupported. You should be aiming for 1.4.22, or 1.6.?.

Thanks you so much

Can you show me how to upgrade Asterisk to 1.4.22?
I am able to access to Asterisk by SSH as well as access to WEB/GUI but i don’t know how to upgrade

Thanks and Regards
Cuong Ha

The fact that you need to ask suggests that you have installed some packaged version of Asterisk. It is quite possible that the version numbers refer to that package. You probably need to use the forum for the package.

I’m sorry.I am not understand you clearly
My problem is that I can not upgrade Asterisk from version
Please give me your advices more detail.

Googling those version numbers suggests that you may be talking about a file called install-ZAPHFC. That is not part of any current Asterisk. It does seem to be supplied with Trixbox, although I’m not completely certain that that is its origin.

The idea that this may be a Trixbox issue is also consistent with the reference to flash disk. Most people installing Asterisk directly install it on a hard disk.

If this is a Trixbox issue, most of the Trixbox related zaphfc discussions seem to be in