How to test voicemail email notification without spamming real users


How do you test an Asterisk instance before entering production, without spamming email addresses with test messages ?

Do you use some sort of fake SMTP server/relay/whatever that will simply log whatever it receives or do reconfigure Asterisk settings, changing real email addresses with fake or test-dedicated ones ?

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I would set “sendvoicemail=no” in the [general] section of


Just set up a test mail account, or even a whole test email server. Might as well check that the message sending actually works, before putting it into production and discovering that it doesn’t.

Any pointer on how to set “a whole test email server” ?

For instance, I’m using Postfix (on Debian host) to send email though my ISP SMTP relay.
Having a “dry run” mode in Postfix with which outbound emails would be logged but not sent, would be perfect.

Using “sendvoicemail=no” in the [general] section of /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf is not as convenient as think I can’t read in log files that Asterisk would have sent an email if this option had been set to yes.

In web app development, you can read references to Mailhog or equivalent as what to test without spamming anyone.
As I’ve never used Mailhog, I don’t know if it fits my requirements.

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