How to switch to the ATA's dialtone

Wehn I go off hook om my Linksys SPA 2102 i hear 5 short beeps, and geta dial tone that not is made by yhe ATA. How do I get teh ATA’s dial tone.

I am totally green on this, but have installed Incredible PBX on a Raspberry pi.

I have used 3CX for years, but this is a test to see if I could change. All setup has to be made in the GUI. All this is based on an old telphone hobby so my main exchange is a an old one from 1946 without a single semiconductor. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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Zend Framework

The FreePBX component is not supported on this forum; the peer support forum for that is

Asterisk wouldn’t normally source dial tone to a SIP peer. I suppose it is just possible that it would if you enabled overlap dialing and didn’t provide any user part in the request URI, so you should check the dialplan on the SPA 2102 to make sure that it requires a complete number to be dialed before it sends it. As such, I’d suggest this is an SPA 2012 problem,not an Asterisk one.

If the Asterisk dialplan is initiating the dialtone, that is the result of FreePBX code, not Asterisk code.

Thank you!
I’ll ask them if I cant solve it on the ATA.

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