How to share a single SIP trunk with 2 Asterisk servers

What is the best/simplest method for 2 Asterisk servers to share the same SIP trunk resources ?

There is no such thing as a SIP trunk! I assume you are referring to a SIP peer/endpoint that provides interconnectivity to the PSTN, although you could also mean an Asterisk or other SIP PABX at one of your remote sites.

What do you mean by share?

Are you registering with the remote end, or is your address configured on it? If registered, do they support multiple simultaneous registrations, and fork calls to all of them?

Do you mean Asterisk only as a SIP server (i.e. incoming calls only), or do you really mean daemon, rather than server?

If you mean load share for incoming calls, you would use one of the common SIP proxies for that.

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as David seaid, a sip trunk is just an account
dependent on your provider, you can use it for outgoing calls on both servers
for incoming it is best to have 2 accounts
if they both use the same for registration the provider will either send to the one that last registered or to them both as the same time

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The conflict was caused by a duplicated account registration of on the 2 Asterisks (for incomming calls).
Thank you for putting me on the path with your questions.

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