How to set DTLS Enable

Hi. I am creating extensions via API and configuring them editing the sip asterisk mysql table to edit the advanced parameters remotely.

I can modify all the wanted values except enable DTLS and I need it for the videocall to work.

Does anyone know how to achieve this ? I am desperate


If you are referring to DTLS-SRTP, each SIP channel driver allows it to be configured. You’d need to be more specific about which one you are using, and what you have tried.

Hi! Thanks for your fast response!
Yes DTLS-SRTP. I just need to set the “Enable DTLS-SRTP” from advanced extension settings to yes.
By altering the sip table I could modify all the others necesary params, but not that one

I tried setting the dtlsenable = yes in sip.endpoint.conf to that extension and nothing

Tried other multiple conf settings, tried looking for mysql setttings to set that and nothing

Asterisk doesn’t provide a graphical interface, and there is no sip.endpoint.conf in the default installation. This looks like FreePBX, for which the peer support forum in

Yes the setting I am trying to enable is en FreePBX. But I need to change the parameter in Asterisk. (sip.conf, its the same)

I suspect it is a master switch for the other fields and doesn’t directly set anything.

Yes I thought the same, I thought it added


but adding that in sip.conf to that extension and it does not work either

Those aren’t the options. There is no _ for them in sip.conf,

; dtlsenable
; dtlsautogeneratecert
; dtlsverify
; dtlsrekey
; dtlscertfile
; dtlsprivatekey
; dtlscipher
; dtlscafile
; dtlscapath
; dtlssetup
; dtlsfingerprint

Ohh didn´t know that thanks , tried it and still nothing tho

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