How to set codecs so that meetme use G729

Thanks in advance for your replying .The user in my asterisk user is using codec to change the meetme codecs so that the users can conference .Thanks!

AFAIK the codec is decided in the “technology” aka SIP, IAX2 not in the app. but maybee it could be changed with a reinvite but thats beyond my horizon.


I am sorry, I cant catch what you said.Can you explain to me clearly?Thanks

Asterisk: The Future of Telephony which is found at … .php?id=11

asterisk considers the channel (the sip connection to the client) and the applicaiton (in this case, meetme) to be separate things. Codec is specified by the channel, not the application. Thus you would have to change sip.conf to make that channel always use g.729.
If I understand it, you want to establish a call using something other than g.729, then when caller decides to join meetme, switch to g.729 and join the conference. I don’t know if this is possible, I don’t think it is.