g729 and Meetme

Guys I’ve heard that we can use g729 as default codec for meetme app. Not sure how to do this thou, any help is appreciated.

Cause right now we can’t use g729 because it is still transcoding to ulaw which is the default for meetme conferences.

I have the same problem ,anyone can help me ? Thanks!

You cannot use G729 as the default codec for meetme. Also, meetme converts to slin not ulaw. You might consider using app_conference which is optimized to work without forcing conversion to slin, so it is possible for app_conference to be more efficient when all of the participants use the same codec.

From the app_conference Readme document. It writes as following:

  • Some callers come from the PSTN via IAX2 from a box with Zaptel cards,
    via uLaw.
    • Other callers come from iaxclient based softphones using speex
      (was GSM) via IAX2 (with DTX).
    • Some conferences have a single SIP channel which listens in GSM.

That mean if the user use G729 ,Can the user use confference fuction?


but the document write that app_conference does not support G729.How can use it?